ART was commissioned to design the expansion and remodel of the Fall City Fire Station into a full time live-in facility for the fire fighting and emergency medical staff. The addition included fire department administrative offices, communications office, public access lobby, a larger dividable meeting/training room, public restrooms, and fire staff living quarters.
 The City of Lakewood set up their own police department and ART assisted the City to program the new department, participated in a comprehensive site selection process, architectural programming based on the Department structure, and then designed and produced a comprehensive set of construction documents for the new facility. 
 ART, in association with TCF Architecture, designed the new Tacoma Police Headquarters to fit on a former Costco site along with three City Maintenance Divisions. Working with various City agencies and soliciting public input, the design team analyzed the placement of structures and several site configurations to obtain the optimal solution.  The resulting facility was designed to match the professionalism of the staff, increase Department efficiency and enhance their sense of “staff community.”  The project achieved LEED Silver Certification.
 The City of Tumwater selected ART to provide architectural services for the design and construction of an administration building while maintaining the police operations. This project improved building safety, expanded holding cells, detective spaces, and officer work space. The design also created space for interviewing and evidence handling spaces.  A secure police vehicle parking area was created as well as a new police public entrance. Also, the entire City Hall roof was replaced with a new standing seam metal roofing system.
 The Yakima County Courthouse Envelope Renovation project was a $3.5 Million project to replace the existing 1962 curtain wall building envelope with a new state-of-the-art energy efficient building shell. Due to the need to maintain county government and court operations the project was designed as a 5-phase project.
 This project was the result of several studies ART conducted for the City of Sumner. ART evaluated 11 properties within Sumner's city limits to determine their potential to meet projected space needs of the City governmental functions.    ART then provided professional design services for the three-phase space planning/master planning, project design, development of construction documents, and provided construction administration of the City's administrative, police, and municipal court facilities.
 The design goals of this project were to provide a client friendly environment, a safe and secure facility for staff and clients due to the nature of the types of services provided, and to develop an architectural design theme that would not be trendy but would blend well into the local medical community context.  
  ART was selected to provide design services for the Light Rail, Northern Terminal Passenger Station. This particular station is located in the City's Theater District and the station design and associated artwork reflect the surroundings. Theater-style seats, an array of overhead theater lights and reproduced playbills scattered in the concrete platform were part of Phase One of this project.    The $380,000 construction cost matches ART's estimate as well as the contractor's bid. OTAK managed the overall system design process for Sound Transit.